Friday, June 11, 2010

MRD Group Selection For June

What was the June selection for the Barnes and Noble Mystery Discussion Group? It was Frankly My Dear I'm Dead by Livia Washburn. I was excited our group was reading this one since I read it before and it was by one of my favorite Texas authors. I did a review on this one in a previous blog (see ), so I am not going to do another one. But I do want to point out a few things.

First ... let me tell you some feedback from our group. As always, we did a count to see how the group felt about it. There were seven present for our discussion and the vote went .... Six thumbs up and one neutral (wavering on a thumbs up). One of the things indicated as the reason for the thumbs up was because it was an easy read. One of the things mentioned as a possible criticism was whether there was a believable reason for the murder(s). Since this was an easy read that could be overlooked.

A brief introduction to the book - which has a catchy title. The amateur sleuth is Delilah Dickinson. She is a recent divorcee who is trying to start a travel agency of her own. This is the first tour her agency is doing and she needs it to be good for her business. She is keeping her eyes open for anything that might go wrong and she most certainly is not expecting murder. Check it out!!!

As you may know, this is the first book in the series and there is another one out Huckleberry Finished. If you like the first, check out the second.

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Anonymous said...

I think the catchy title (and cover) was a draw for me. That is the reason I picked up the book. There were some things a little unbelievable but I suppose with an ez read you do not get to explain some of the inconsistancies - besides I was just reading for the fun of it.