Saturday, June 5, 2010

She's Back - Justice In June!!!

Who is she? Take your pick because it can be either the author or the character. The author is Barbara Levenson and she wrote Fatal February. I had the opportunity to read and post on my blog about that book in Feb 2009. (If you want to see the earlier blog it is at Her newest book released this June 2010 is called Justice in June. Mary Macgruder Katz returns in this book.

If you recall, Mary Macgruder Katz is a lawyer and she kind of picks up where she left off in the last book. Her practice is picking up in it's business and she continues her relationship with her 1/2 Latin lover - Carlos.

It is June in Florida and she discovers the weather and her practice has something in common - when it rains it pours. She has three cases that all demand her attention - a female judge who is under investigation; an Argentine visitor accused of terrorism; and Carlos who is being sued for incomplete construction of an Apartment / condo complex.

And if you thought that was enough to deal with let me just tell you there are several other things she has to deal with. She is attacked outside her office, her house is broken into and she gets a warning, and she gets phone calls warning her to back off. And her personal life has some issues as well.

If you are looking for an easy read mystery - this is the book for you. For more info about the author check out her website - Let me also say thanks to Maryglenn McCombs for the recommendation.

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JenningsJunk said...

yea! I really enjoyed Fatal February so I have no doubt I'll enjoy Justice In June....just where in the stack of "reads" do I work this one in....definitely a sweet problem to have *grin*