Monday, June 14, 2010

Other Things I've Read

I read for the fun of it. When I started blogging, I started it for the fun of it as well. Part of my intent with the blog was to have a place showing everything I read - mysteries that is!!! I wanted the reviews I write to be a little creative. Sometimes it is hard to be creative and it is those times it is hard / not fun to blog about what I read. So today's blog is just going to be a chronicle about some of the books I read lately.

My daughter recently picked up a book by an author I enjoy and I was happy to learn she enjoyed it too!!! The book is called Winter Study and it is written by Nevada Barr. The thing about the book that attracted her was the wolf on the cover - she has a thing about wolves. Well ... I finally picked up the book from the stack she read and read it. I enjoyed it as I have others in the Anna Pigeon series. Anna Pigeon is a National Wildlife Services (NWS) worker and she runs into these mysteries at different parks she is working at. This time it is at the Isle Royal National Park in Lake Superior. She has been chosen to be the NWS representative on this wolf study team and she learns just how cunning one of the animal species (man) really is. This is the 14th book in the series of 15 - with number 16 coming out this summer. (Oh ... by the way ... my daughter has since started reading other books in the series and enjoys them too!!!)

I recently let my mom read a couple of books by Cindy Daniel in her Death Warmed Over series. They are good, clean mysteries. She recently returned the books and brought me some to read. One of the books comes from Heartsong Presents Mysteries series. It is called Down Home and Deadly - a Sleuthing Sisters Mystery. It is written by Christine Lynxwiler, Jan Reynolds, & Sandy Gaskin. It involves some sisters who get drawn into solving mysteries / deaths / crimes much to the chagrin of the local law enforcement officer. Jean Stafford quits her job at a health club and starts her sister (Carly) start her restaurant business. On opening day she discovers a body in a car by the dumpster behind the diner. Needless to say she becomes involved in this investigation in spite of the objections by the local lawman. This book is similar to the Death Warmed Over series in that it is a good, clean mysteries. It features a family who has been brought up with some good Christian morals. Each chapter starts with a little old saying.

Finally, I also read the latest book in another series by an author I enjoy. It is called Monster In Miniature by Margaret Grace. Retired teacher Geraldine Porter continues her interest in miniatures and falls into another murder investigation. It is around Halloween and while looking at Halloween displays with her granddaughter they discover a "real dead body" in one of the displays. Geraldine along with the computer assistance from her granddaughter investigates the circumstances surrounding this murder. This is another one of those ez read mysteries and it is good.


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Harvee, Book Dilettante said...

I really enjoyed Winter Study when I read it some years ago. Found out a lot about hte Isle de Royale too! Book Bird Dog