Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NEW Miniature Mystery RELEASE by Margaret Grace

Let me start out by saying ... I am a reader. I enjoy reading ... otherwise I would not read. When it comes to books, there is bound to be something out there for everybody. Let me take for instance the latest book I have read in Margaret Grace's Miniature Mystery Series. It is called Mourning In Miniature. This is the fourth book in the mystery series. Each book in the series offers as an extra bonus - tips about miniatures at the end of the book. I guess you might realize the author must have some interest in miniatures. It is no surprise her stories / books might include this interest.

This series has as it's sleuth a retired teacher in California named Geraldine (Gerry) Porter. One of the interests Gerry has is the making of miniatures.

Excuse me while I take a slight detour here. Gerry who is a retired English teacher occasionally makes comments or observations about the grammar, sentences, or words used by her former students or other characters in the book. I wonder what she would say about what I say - Ha Ha!!! Well ... as I have said ... I am just a reader (who occasionally blogs about what I read) and NOT a writer!!!

Now back to the book. One of Gerry's former students (and a friend) Rosie has asked her to go to a 30th high school reunion. She agreed to go and also brings her granddaughter along with her. Gerry knows Rosie is hoping to renew a failed relationship from her high school days. She hopes her friend does not get hurt again by the former high school football star she has her sights set for.

Needless to say, Gerry sees her friend get disappointed again after the party. Things go from bad to worse though when the former high school football star turns up dead - murdered. Her friend is an obvious suspect for the murder with a lot of "clues" pointing to her - but she has "disappeared". In spite of the appearances, Gerry believes Rosie to be innocent and sets out to clear her.

NOW ... I HOPE this has gotten your interest. I do not want to spoil the fun for you by giving away too much of the story. What I will tell you is that there are a few things the author has included in the story to catch your interest. One of the things I found of interest to me was a quote by one of my favorite authors as a youngster - Mark Twain. "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

By the way, the author has also published under the name Camille Minichino. To learn more about the author check out one of these websites: http://www.minichino.com/ or http://www.dollhousemysteries.com/.


Camille Minichino said...

How nice to see this review here, Dennis!

The books are fun to write, especially since I get to do "research" at places like the Museum of Miniature Houses in Indianapolis!

I'd like to offer a book in the miniature series to the first 3 of your readers who request one. It can be any of the 4 books in the series. They can email me at camille@minichino.com with DENNIS in the subject line.

Thanks again for the review. I'm sure Gerry would give you an A for the posting!

Camille/Margaret Grace

Meadowview Thymes said...

Great review MR! Looks like this will be another book I will add to my list. And, I love that it is a series! Thanks for letting us know about this one..I am off to email the author! :)

JenningsJunk said...

Love the review! and so so cool to see the extra "tidbit" from the author :D I didn't know there was such a museum in Indianapolis. Now I have another book to add to my list but also a place to visit, cause you know how much I like exploring both in person and through books ;-)