Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Fresh Baked Mystery by Livia Washburn

Finally ... I get to take another book off my list of books to read!!!

The latest Fresh Baked Mystery by Livia J. Washburn was just released last month. It is called Killer Crab Cakes. I enjoyed getting back to another Texas mystery and this is a fun series. If you are interested in the previous three books in this series, you can check out Livia's web page at

Phyllis Newsom and her fellow retired teachers are in the Gulf Coast area called Fulton, TX. Phyllis is watching over her cousin's Bed and Breakfast while she is away. This is supposed to be a vacation opportunity for Phyllis and her crew. And they are looking forward to entering in another baking contest - this one in nearby Rockport, TX.

Who would have thought that murder would follow Phyllis Newsom? What first appears to be a death by natural causes of one of the guests at her cousin's Bed and Breakfast turns out to be murder. And this is NOT an isolated incident!!! The next day another one of the guests is found stabbed to death. The first death was due to a poisoning. Is there a connection between the two murdered men?

This is NOT how Phyllis was hoping to spend her vacation. She realizes the bad publicity of two murders at the Bed and Breakfast can destroy her cousin's business. Unofficially (since she is just an amateur detective) - she starts looking for connections between the murders. There are quite a few potential suspects to consider.

I will not give away any more of the story here but want to remind you of an extra bonus with this series. Each book includes recipes used in the book. Hope you enjoy!!!


JenningsJunk said...

Woo Hoo !! it's released!! This has been on my "wanna" read list too. Thank goodness for your review or I would have missed it. And, after reading your review, I know I was so right to have it on my reading list!!

misterreereeder said...

Tina already has it in her hands. The way she was reading it last night I am sure she will sinish it REAL soon!!!

Meadowview Thymes said...

I can't wait to get these last 2 books! Thanks for the great review. I could spend my life reading! :)