Sunday, August 21, 2011

White House Chef Mystery Series

I felt it would be interesting to try a new (and different) series for me.  This is a series by Julie Hyzy and the first book in the series is State of the Onion.  I suppose this is what would be classified as a cozy.  It is a fun read and has little to do with politics - otherwise it would not be a fun read.  Kind of what you would expect of a book with this title.  The book has a mystery and includes "recipes" at the end from meals prepared for the White House.  Web page for author July Hyzy.

The story has a major and a minor plot going for it.  The major mystery centers around an attempt of a supposed terrorist to get into the White House to warn the president of something.  In this attempt, one of the White House staff ( a chef) named Olivia Paras gets involved in trying to figure out what is going on.  At the same time she is in the middle of trying to become the major chef on the White House Staff and keeping a semi-secret relationship with a secret service agent moving forward.  But there are conflicts that result from this. 

Not only does she have to be careful not to become dangerously involved in her own investigation, but she has to deal with competition for the Executive Chef position.  A new White House Staff person seems to be doing everything he can to make her look bad and playing up the competition as the logical choice.  Olivia realizes her place in the kitchen is a very integral part of the White House.   Her position may not have anything to do with setting world politics but it does help with the image. 

The main focus of the "political" side of the story is relationships with foreign countries.  Party politics are not a major focus which is good since this is for a fun read.  Check out this book if you are looking for a light, fun read.


JenningsJunk said...

I'm glad you ventured out...this read sounds pretty good. Along with the items mentioned, are there any touches on White House historical tidbit stuff? just curious *grin*

misterreereeder said...

Interesting you should ask. I like the word you used - tidbit. Can not that word be used to refer to food as well? Well ... there are some references to "foods" enjoyed by different presidents and how sometimes their likes figure into state dinners. And I think there are other "tidbits" not related to food as well.

J.P. Hansen said...

Sounds like an interesting set-up: politics, office romance, career ambition, the White House. What a stew.

misterreereeder said...

Yea J.P. And your last comment is definitely applicable.