Saturday, August 6, 2011

"The Rock Hole" Author Signing

I went to the Firewheel Barnes and Noble today.  They had an author signing today - Reavis Wortham is the author of "The Rock Hole: Red River Mystery".  This is the first book and it was released on June 7th of this year according to 

I talked a little with the author and had him sign a copy of his book.  Reavis told me the manuscript for his next book is due in September.

Relatively recent I have started getting ebooks to read and occassionally get the "real" book when there is not an ebook version.  There are several reasons why I have started getting the ebook.  I guess one of the most important reasons is the convenience.  It is relatively easy to get an ebook, they do not require additional book shelves to store, and I can adjust the size of the font for my comfort level. 

I had intended to get "The Rock Hole" in an ebook version but it is not available in the format yet.  But this brings to mind a question - can you get an author signed ebook?  I do not think this is technically available yet either.  Of course you might ask what is the purpose of a book signing?  Well ... one reason is some people collect signed books.  Another reason is people want to meet and talk to the author.  And of course, the author wants to promote his book.  I am sure there are a number of other reasons as well.  Only one of the three reasons I mentioned above really requires a physical book.

I have read the book and will do a post later about it.  Just to let you know, I enjoyed the book and look forward to more by the author.


JenningsJunk said...

I stopped by the signing too. I'm waiting to purchase the ebook, yet wanted to meet and talk to the author. He was gracious in talking with me even though I didn't have a "physical" book and was waiting for the ebook, confirming it's coming. Since I have the advantage of knowing him already, I can verify, his interaction with all the folks that came by while I was there,is genuine and not a put on. And now, after your post, I have 2 books to look forward to - one that's ready and one that's in the works *grin*

Dave Diamantes said...

Actually, the technology is there, but not available yet. Amazon has it, and in the future, will be able to add a blank page to Kindle books, that authors will be able to sign on a touchscreen. Sooo, it's coming!

Dave Diamantes, author, Dead Pen Pals,

JenningsJunk said...

Very cool news Dave, thanks for sharing.

J.P. Hansen said...

One question: Where will the book signings take place when there is no longer a need for bookstores?