Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Intruder - An Original Story by Misterreereeder

It was not clear when he first showed up but he definitely caused her some discomfort. She did not like the fact he was around when she was in the pool. She started avoiding the pool because she did not know where he was.

Occasionally she would see him or evidence he was still in the area. Sometimes she could hear him in the dark. She just wanted him to be gone. But until he could be caught and taken away, she would have to be on the lookout.

Finally one evening she heard him jump into the pool and she called to me inside the house. “He is skinny-dipping in the pool again. Help me get him out and take him away.” So I joined her outside and we chased him around the pool. He was fast!!! Finally she cornered him and we were able to catch him.

We dumped him in a plastic bag to keep him from escaping. He was not moving so I was not sure if he was still alive. She said, ”Take him away … far away so he does not come back. Take him to the creek.”
I hoped in the suburban and started driving and figured I would take him to the pond in the opposite direction. It is bigger than our pool and surely he would enjoy it here. The entire trip over he did not seem to move. However, when I turned the bag over to dump him on the bank of the pond, he immediately started scurrying. Last I saw him he was hopping towards the pond – a bullfrog’s paradise.

The deed done I went back home. Is he gone for good? If he returns I imagine it will be a new chapter for a story called “The Incredible Journey – Bullfrog Style”.


JenningsJunk said...

FANTASTIC!! I would love to see later installments but then that would mean he made it back to your pool and that would make for an unhappy return.

Meadowview Thymes said...

You had me going...until I got to the skinny-dippy part! :)
We have a bullfrog that sits by the pond every night...I named him Bertram.


You are a great writer!! I totally enjoyed your short story and it was all TRUE! I hope to hear your bullfrog in the middle of the night! And hope that the saga continues...that would be cool if it found its way back home.

Kristin Callender said...

And you said you were only a reader. That was a great story. Do I see a book in your future? I will happily host your release on my blog :)
Take Care,

misterreereeder said...

THANKS ALL for your great comments. I can't really say I am a writer but I was inspired!!!