Saturday, November 8, 2008

Discussion Group Selection For November

November’s book for our Mystery Discussion Group is “Booked To Die” by John Dunning. This is the first book in a series that introduces Denver homicide detective Cliff Janeway. This is a detective who has an interest in collecting books – especially old valuable books. Before I do my review, our reading group has a custom – thumbs up or down for the book. I give it (let the drums roll...) a thumbs up. I enjoyed the book and will be inclined to read the other books in the series. Now onward…..

This book starts with the murder of a book scout. This murder definitely will make a difference in our sleuth’s life (as well as others's in the book). Janeway is one of the detectives responsible for investigating this case and it has some similarities to some previous murders. They also have a suspect in those previous murders but the thug has escaped conviction for those murders. One of the first things to do in investigating this murder is to go talk to this thug. It turns out the thug has an alibi for the time frame of the murder – he was with a girl. Janeway rescues the girl from the thug during the investigation. But the girl refuses to press charges even though Janeway warns her that the thug will be coming after her again. It isn’t long afterwards until he has to rescue her again. This will lead to a legal suit and Janeway has to retire from the police department.

When he leaves the police department, he decides to open a book store. He had learned a lot over the years and during the investigation about the business. His life has taken a professional turn and the case of the murdered book scout it now police business. He sets out to open and operate his new business hiring a young girl from out of town to help run his business. Things are going well until his employee is murdered. This brings Janeway back into his personal investigation of the murders of his employee and the book scout.

I want to leave the review here because it is a worthwhile book to read. I know it is short but there is just to much to miss if you do not read the book for yourself. One thing I will mention is I think the author expertise in the field he is writing about makes the book especially interesting. The author - John Dunning actually owned and operated a book store much like the ones used in this story. And to the person in our group who suggested reading this book - GREAT SUGGESTION!!!!

Note From Misterreereeder: An opportunity for a book giveaway is coming soon - stay tuned.

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JenningsJunk said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Intriguing review!! You hooked me for sure :D and I'm looking forward to you're giveaway opportunity.