Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Mystery Theme - Halloween

Yeah .... I know. Halloween is a long ways off. But I got an email from my favorite Miniature Mysteries author - Margaret Grace about her latest book coming out. It is called Monster In Miniature. I thought I would check out other mysteries with Halloween as a theme - and what a mother load!!!

The first place I found was a place I am familiar with - it is the Cozy Mystery List. Here is the link there -

Here is a link from the Springfield City Library -

And finally here is another blog about Halloween mysteries. The blog is Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem -


JenningsJunk said...

This is fun! I've only glanced through your links. I'll be going back and spending more time exploring.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I really like that Halloween/fall theme! Here is a question for you: does it bother you to read a book written in one season, when you are living in another? ie: it's summer here, and you are solving a murder mystery in December?

misterreereeder said...

No MT. It does not bother me to read a book from a different season. Just like it might be a different place or time.