Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jeff Cohen - New Author / New Book

Jeff Cohen is making his debut as an author of the book The Killing of Mindi Quintana. Before becoming a published author, he practiced as a lawyer and operated some business ventures. He is already working on his next book so let me tell you about this one - his first. A brand new book, it was published April 25th, 2010.

I would kind of describe this book as a Tale of Two Lives. Very Interesting considering it involves the death of another person - Mindi Quintana.

The two lives belong to one person - Freddie Builder. Don't get me wrong - this is not one of those split personality cases. The first life is the life he lives prior to the death / killing of Mindi Quintana. Freddie is living an unsatisfied life in the sales / marketing world. This is kind of interesting because he does have a flare for creating displays that are not only artistically appealing but actually produces sales. He has already been named Manager of the Month once and is on the verge of winning it again. Maybe this is part of the reason it is unsatisfying. Once he completes his piece, somebody comes and buys something out of the set and it is no longer complete. The other part of the reason is because he wants to be a successful writer.

This is kind of where Mindi comes into the story. They knew each other earlier in their lives. They both had aspirations to get into writing. He went into marketing and she is now working for a little magazine company. When she sees his work in the store display, she is impressed by it. Later she even suggests he might think about using his decorating talents in another business like museums. She agrees to look at some of his writings.

Here we have two things that he feels may bring some satisfaction to his life. First a potential romantic interest with Mindi and second a potential boost in his dream to be a writer. And then when he the announcement is made he is the Manager of the Year you would think this would bring a sense of accomplishment in his life as well. IT DOES NOT!!!

This cause the downward spiral in his life. When he realizes there will not be any romantic interest from Mindi and she says his writing needs work, he ends up killing her.

This leads to a transition to the second life of Freddie. Now that he is a suspect of murder and now that he is in prison, the spotlight is on him and he sees a way to get attention turned to his writings. He gets all kinds of media attention and ways to work on his writing.

I do not want to give away any more of this story (and there is a lot I have not mentioned). If you think it sounds interesting, you need to read it for yourself.

STAY TUNED for a post by the book's author in a few days!!!


JenningsJunk said...

hmmm - it does sound interesting but also distrubing....not sure, I guess that means I should probably check it out...hmmm Good review-it hooked me ;-)

Meadowview Thymes said...

yeah..I agree with JJ..this sounds kind of distrubing. JJ--you read it first! :)

misterreereeder said...

I understand what you mean about it sounds disturbing. You can see a portion of the writing in a guest post on May 1st.

JenningsJunk said...

Thanks MR - I look forward to the guest post :-)