Monday, December 7, 2009

MRDB Reviews "Dead Air"

Misterreereeder looks up and speaks. “Welcome to the virtual studio of MRDB. I just finished reading a new book by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid and it is called Dead Air. I wanted to do something a little different to review this book so I decided on a format somewhat influenced by the book I read. This is how I came up with a question and answer talk show where I can ask questions of my guests – a couple of the characters from the book.”

He turns to his left and says, “Please welcome our guests with me. First let me briefly introduce you to Sammy Greene who is the host of The Hot Line, a talk radio show on the Ellsford campus station WELL. We are glad you joined us Sammy.”

Sammy returns the glance and replies, “Thank you. I am glad to be here.”

Misterreereeder continues, “ I am also glad to introduce our next guest Sergeant Pappajohn the Chief of Police for the Ellsford campus. This is a first for me.”

With a straight face, Pappajohn comments, “It’s a first for me too.”

Facing Sammy again, Misterreereeder says, “One of the things I enjoyed in the book was your occasional use of some words I do not hear everyday. I think they are Yiddish. Tell us how you picked up these words”.

Sammy grins and says, “I was raised by my Jewish Grandmother and these are just a part of the influence she has left on me. Even though she is gone, she still has a little influence over me.”

He smiles back and continues, “I understand. Our family is one of the biggest influences on our lives. I noticed in the book that you did not appear to be to fond of something else that has a big influence on people’s lives – specifically religion. You certainly were not very fond of Reverend Taft. Is this a correct observation?”

She ponders his question briefly and responds, “I do not have anything against religion. Sometimes I just do not trust when things are done in the name of religion. Sometimes people will say and do things due to the influence of somebody else’s religious persuasion. The Reverend Taft definitely has a lot of influence over his ‘flock’ and sometimes his religious principles definitely stirs some mixed-up passion. I think it’s about time for a little less passion and a little more compassion.”

The host turns to Pappajohn and says, “I understand Ms Greene spoke to you a few times about the Reverend Taft and his group. Is there a reason you did not take a more visible and aggressive follow-up to her remarks?”

After loosening his collar Pappajohn answers, “Yes … she did speak to me on a few occasions. She is certainly entitled to her feelings and thoughts. However as a member of the law enforcement community I must follow-up in an objective manner. I need to gather real evidence to support the appropriate conclusion.”

“Are you suggesting Ms Greene was not objective?”

Pappajohn comebacks with, “No! She definitely was passionate about uncovering the truth. She just did not have enough for me to warrant an aggressive investigation.”

He admits, “Ms Greene is definitely an intelligent person and I did not want her to get into trouble. As a law officer I want to protect my community and … there is some similarity between her and my daughter who is off somewhere else.”

Returning to Ms Greene, Misterreereeder asks, “Did you realize this?”

Sammy turns a shade darker and answers, “No I did not really. At times I thought he was incompetent or lazy in his work. Other times I felt his concern for me. Then at one point I thought he was involved and perhaps keeping tabs on me. You’ve heard the saying ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.’ Well … I just was not sure!!!”

Misterreereeder jumps in and says, “As you may know, I do not like to give away the whole story. I feel there is just too much I could leave out that is interesting. But I do agree with you about friends and enemies. Sometimes it is hard to tell which is which. Thanks for letting me talk to both of you.”

As he looks back out, “I hope after hearing this conversation with my guests, you will go pick up the book – Dead Air – and read it. That is the end of this program at MRDB. Thank You!!!”


JenningsJunk said...

Fun review (and well done)! Sounds like another interesting book to check out, especially since I'll have some time off from work in a couple of weeks :D

Sammy Greene said...

Thanks for a great interview! If you're ever in New England, stop by and we'll have you on as a guest on "The Hot Line"! Seier dankbar!

misterreereeder said...

Thanks Sammy. Liked your webpage. Will keep this in mind.

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
All about one and so it is infinite