Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Women Three Mysteries

It has been awhile since I last blogged. I've been a little busy - but I have been reading when I can.

Since I last blogged, I have completed three mysteries by three of the authors I enjoy. Two of the authors are Texas authors - Leann Sweeney and Karen MacInerney. The other author is from Arizona (sometimes California) and her name is J.A. Jance. Each one of these authors have their own style of writing and each has it's own appeal.

Leann Sweeney's latest book is in her Cats in Trouble Mystery Series. The book is called The Cat, the Lady, and the Liar. This is the third book in the series by her and it features Jillian Hart - a widow living in South Carolina. She has her own business in which she makes quilts for cats. As you may realize too, the mystery series has some kind of connection with cats. In this book a valuable cat is found along side of a road and Jillian is asked by the shelter owner to check on the cat's home to see if it would be a good idea to return the cat to the owner. The cat's owner is an elderly rich woman who appears to have some physical problems. Jillian does not get to speak to the woman and is warned by the local police to stay away from her.

Jillian is surprised when the lady shows up at her doorstep late one night in night clothes and tells her somebody is framing her and has been drugging her. The situation becomes complicated when her employee shows up dead at Jillians yard as well and the lady immediately becomes a suspect. Jillian finds it hard to believe the lady is a murderer and she tends to believe somebody has been drugging her. The story is definitely I would recommend reading. It is a cozy mystery and easy to read.

The second book is by Karen MacInerney and is also part of a series - A Gray Whale Inn Mystery. The book title is Berried to the Hilt and is the fourth book in the series. The Gray Whale Inn is located on Cranberry Island and is located in Maine. Natalie Barnes is a retired state worker from Texas who came here to open the inn and operate it. She found it hard coming here and starting the business as an outsider three books back. She is still working on making the business successful and becoming accepted as part of the island community. She as well as the community become excited when they learn that a famous discovery may lie off there shores. And this discovery brings more business to Natalie's floundering business.

It does not help that there is hostile competition between two of her sets of guest over the discovery lying off the coast. It becomes more complicated when one of the guests turns up dead and one of the local men is taken into custody. Natalie is very interested in solving the mystery and finding the real murderer. I enjoyed the Texas connections and the fast moving pace of this - another cozy mystery.

Finally the third mystery was by J.A. Jance and it is also a part of a continuing series - the Ali Reynolds series. It features none other than Ali Reynolds - a former newscaster who got dumped by both her news station and her husband in favor of a younger woman. This is the sixth book in the series and it is called Fatal Error. Ali has moved on from that setback and is remaking her life. She attends a Police Academy to become a part of the local police department but cutbacks take away that opportunity. When a former colleague ends up missing, Ali becomes involved in the search for her. When her missing friend becomes the suspect in a murder, she uses the tools she has and her instincts to investigate and come up with answers.

This book was definitely different from the other two books. As in the other cases , I recommend the books AND the authors.


JenningsJunk said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! all 3 books sound wonderful plus being part of a series -- good thing summer is around the corner. My wanna read list just increased 3 fold times each series :-) Glad you shared!!

Anonymous said...

If you think those sound good, you should know each author has multiple series. Jance also has a Joanna Brady series (a Sheriff in Cochise County) and JP Beaumont (a detective in California). Sweeney also has a Yellow Rose Series featuring Abby Rose in the Houston area. I have not tried it out but MacInerney also has a series based on a werewolf.