Sunday, April 3, 2011

Neighbors Read - Dewey

The local libraries in Sachse and Wylie Texas start a series events called Neighbors Read this coming Saturday (April 9th). These events are centered around the book Dewey: The Small-Town Cat That Touched The World by Vicki Myron and Steve James. These programs / events will go on for six weeks and you can see a list of these at

Now you may be wondering about why I am mentioning this in my blog - a blog usually dedicated to mysteries and such. Well..., one of the themes you will see on my blog is "It's All About Reading"! I read other things besides mysteries and will occasionally blog about them. In this case, I just finished reading the book about Dewey in preparation for my community's participation in these events. As a side note, I must mention I feel it is very important to support the local library.

What I found is that there is more to this book than I expected. You see, I thought this was going to be just a book about a cat - but it was more. Yes, a major part of the story was about THE CAT - Dewey and about how he came to be known as the cat of the Spencer Public Library in Iowa. But it was also a story about a community and it's library as well. The community and the library existed before Dewey came - he helped bring public attention to them. And as communities go, there are so many parts to the community - these were also the focus of the book.

There were definitely parts of the book that we in our community could relate to. Our library has been closed for remodeling that became necessary after some weather related damages. And I know Smith Public Library in Wylie is opening in a new facility as well. Part of the book describes how their library and community went through a remodelling process - and the community was involved. Speaking on behalf of Sachse and it's library, I can say with some pride that the community was also involved in getting our library back up from it's remodelling period.

More than just a focus on the cat, I think the major thing about the book I enjoyed was the inspiration it gives. Remember the phrase I mentioned earlier - it's all about reading! Well..., that is kind of like saying the library is all about books. But the library is more than JUST books - IT IS COMMUNITY!!! And while our library may not have THE CAT, hopefully it will continue to provide and be known for it's "cat" - the services it provides for the community. After all - the library is more than just books!!! Sachse Public Library - CHECK IT OUT!!!

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