Friday, May 21, 2010

My Introduction to Sleuth Anne Marshall

I was introduced to the sleuth Anne Marshall through the latest book by author Jackie Fullerton. The title of the book is Revenge Served Cold. This is the second book featuring Anne Marshall and her "investigative teams". The first book in the series is called Piercing The Veil.

Anne works in the courts so she sees all kind of things. Lots of times it is plain boring but sometimes it can be interesting. She also goes to college and is studying to become a lawyer like her late dad. When he was alive, he and she were always close. Their plans had for her to become a lawyer and "team up" with him but he died.

Even though he is dead, she once again teams up with him / his ghost on a case. The case involves the murder of an old friend and colleague of her father. Eliott Spence was murdered and all evidence seems to point to his murder by his wife. Anne's father convinces her that things are too coincidental and that the case should be examined closer by him and her.

Anne also has another "team" that helps her with her investigation. This team includes members of her study group. They helped her with the investigation and when their professor Edward Spense was killed they all kind of expected Anne would get involved with the investigation. Some of them did not want her to but others were willing to assist her in anyway they could. They were always interested in learning what she found out.

In this book she "teams" up with another colleague of her father as well - the lawyer representing the wife accused of murdering her husband. At first he is angry about her involvement in the investigation but he discovers she finds out a lot of things helpful to his case.

There is one other person who supports her - her boyfriend / fiancee. He is a lawyer and is an Assistant District Attorney. Though he is concerned about her safety (she got into serious trouble in the previous book), he supports her in her decisions. He knows when Anne gets something in her head, it is better to support her rather than oppose her.

The story is one of interest and yet it is humorous as well. When her departed dad is around, he is usually smoking his pipe. Even though others do not see or hear him, they usually can smell the smoke and mistakenly think Anne (or somebody else in the vicinity) has been smoking. It is also funny when her father shows up without any warning and causes her to jump.

Now I will not divulge anymore about who the suspects are but will leave that up to you to discover - when you read the book for yourself. Why should you read it? It was a fun and enjoyable read. And to top it off - there is a Texas connection and you know how much I like mysteries involving Texas. OK .... saying there is a Texas connection may be stretching it a bit but I thought it interesting one of the characters talked about wanting to go to Texas.

To learn more about the author you might want to check out her website - Jackie Fullerton .

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JenningsJunk said...

Sounds like another good one...and yep, that was a looooooooong stretch to a Texas connection *grin*