Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Discussion Group Book For March - Death At La Fenice

This month's book was another surprise. It is called Death At La Fenice written by Donna Leon. It is the first Guido Brunetti mystery. Guido Brunetti is a commissario for the police in Venice and he is called into action when a popular conductor is found dead inbetween Acts at the opera. The conductor was poisoned and Guido must find out who is responsible. This book got an unanimous eight thumbs up from the group that met tonight. One person did not vote because they did not get a chance to read the book.

What are some of the possible reasons it was liked by the group? This book lets you travel to Venice without actually going there. It gives a very good description of the place and you feel like you are there. Another thing that the book does, it gives a good description of the characters - not just their looks but their relationships as well. A good example of this is the contrast of the way our detective relates to a female doctor at a party and the way the female doctor relates to his wife.

This book and author are highly recommended.


JenningsJunk said...

Well, since the vacation budget is mega tight this summer and even if it wasn't, Venice would not be on the radar (this year, I LOVE the idea of traveling there in a good book and a GOOD mystery book just adds to the deal! Thanks for the review. I've added this title to my stack to read :D

JenningsJunk said...

Just finished this book and it was better than I hoped!!! Descriptions of the city, descriptions of the characters and what characters there are....present day story - past history and the final solution OH MY!! Thanks MR!!