Thursday, February 4, 2010

Missing In Action ... An Original by MisterReeReeder

His name was Bob and he was a soldier. He carried a radio pack on his back. It was partly because of this he earned his nickname – “EARS”. He had literally been “handpicked” for the current mission along with a few others – Ray (who tossed grenades like grapefruits); Sam (who carried a bazooka); and Jim (who could lay flat and shoot his rifle with some accuracy). There used to be more of them but they seemed to be “missing in action”.

Sounds of bombs and shots could be heard pretty close by. As always Bob could hear himself responding on the radio in an unfamiliar voice, “Roger Wilco”. He was not sure what was coming from the other end of the conversation. One thing was sure however. The enemy was upon them. They could not always see them because sometimes the enemy seemed to be invisible. At other times the enemy looked like monsters. The others in his group were firing their weapons and tossing their grenades. “BOOM”. The grenade exploded and Bob could only hope it hit its’ invisible target. He kept listening for further instructions on his radio pack.

The battle continued for some time like that. Then Bob saw Sam who was caught as if by a hand from the sky and turned over on his side. Bob had seen this happen before. Sam was a goner. And still it went on. Then Bob heard a familiar voice in the distance. It was not coming from the radio pack he was carrying but from somewhere else. He could just barely make out the words that meant this battle was over. “It’s dinner time. Put your toys away and come to the table.”

Bob understood he and the others on his team were about to be put into some dark place crammed with other toys until they were needed again. Hopefully they would not end up “missing in action”.


JenningsJunk said...

Well done!! I didn't see that end coming...added note-I like the scrolling dates, nice touch.

Anonymous said...

I did not see that ending coming.
Very entertaining! Thanks!

We miss you at work.
Get better soon!

Your roomie

Meadowview Thymes said...

Last paragraph really took me by surprise! I think this is your best story MR. Hope you get better soon!!

creis said...

Great writing job, like the others I didn't see it coming either, very much a surprise ending. creis