Monday, April 13, 2009


Ice cream is ice cream --NOT!!! My favorite is Blue Bell's Homemade Vanilla (see the picture - I was inspired by Jennings Junk). Now, Blue Bell has other flavors and I have tried some. Of course there are many other brands of ice cream and I have tried some of them as well. But as I have already mentioned, I really like Blue Bell's Homemade Vanilla -- and I don't think it is because it was made here in Texas (LOL)!!!

Are you wondering why I am talking about ice cream on my blog about mystery reading? Well...., as I know, there is more to read besides mysteries. Almost a month ago, I heard an author read from his collection of short stories at Sachse Library. The author was Glen Pourciau. See the post about the event at

I got his book - Invite. I just finished reading it. This definitely was not something I would normally read but once I started reading it, I had to finish it - not in one sitting. His stories were NOT mysteries but his writing was intriguing. He reveals a lot about the character's inner self through his stories. And his stories cause you to think - Imagine that!!!
So what do you prefer? How you answer this is totally up to you. You can decide to answer it based on your choice of ICE CREAM. Or you can answer it based on your choice of what you like to read.


Meadowview Thymes said...

Interesting--especially since I am the biggest ice cream lover in the world. Wonder what I would be.....

JenningsJunk said...

Very clever post! If you linked over, you already know my favorite ice cream is Blue Bell - I like them all!! If a new or untried flavor appears, I'm getting some! If there's nothing untried on the shelf I go for flavors with some crunch or texture first (nuts, cookies, fruit, cake, etc.) then onto the "smooth" flavors...guess that's kinda like I pick my readings - I'm all over the place. I LOVE LOVE LOVE mysteries, thrillers, suspense, crime dramas. But, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE standing in front the the "new" book shelves (both fiction and non-fiction) and seeing what catches my eye :-) How's that for a non-committal