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Virtual Book Tour - The Mind of a Genius

Welcome to this stop on this virtual book tour for David Snowdon and his book The Mind of a Genius. For more stops on this tour, click here. The virtual book tour goes into March.

This book was something different for me. I like reading mysteries but this was not your typical mystery – even though there were some mystery elements to it. On the back of the book it says it is “crime fiction”. Another word used to describe the story is espionage. I could understand both definitions for this book.

First let me give a short description of the basic plot in the book. A brilliant British scientist has come up with an invention that will change the world. However, he has died before sharing that invention with the world. Nobody knows what the invention is – it’s a mystery. But every one wants this invention. Those trying to get their hands on it include intelligence organizations from different countries, and others strictly interested in the money they can get for this secret. How do they try to get it? Some try to outright steal it. Others offer money for information about it. And some try to charm it out of the widow of the scientist.

One of the things I did not understand at first was the amount of detail I found in the book in certain areas. For example, a lot of detail was shared about what each character was wearing and looked like. Also there was a lot of emphasis on the music playing in the clubs – including the name of the song and who was performing it. Also there was a lot of detail about the meals that were eaten. It finally occurred to me the reason a lot of this detail was shared. This book includes several intelligence organizations and details are something they pay a lot of attention to.

Another thing hard to do at first was to keep track of who all the characters were. There were a lot of people interested in the secret formula that was going to change the world. There were also characters who had no connection to the secret formula or the plot. Their purpose could only be to help define other characters in the book. For example, a major character was Jason Clay – an independent agent for the MI-4 agency. Some might say he was James Bond-like because of his attractions with women. Several female characters are introduced in the story to emphasize this connection. Because of his ways with women, he was put on the case to get information from the scientist’s widow. Oh … by the way, there was a Bond in the book – her name was Janet Bond.

So … did I enjoy the book? Yes … I did … especially since it was different from what I usually read. I give it a … (drum roll please!!!) … thumbs up. I will not give away about the story. What happened to those trying to find the secret formula? What was the formula? This is something you would probably want to find out on your own.

The Mind of a Genius by David Snowdon
(The Formula That Could Change The World)

Special Agent, Jason Clay from the MI4 is hired to find a secret formula that was invented by the famous British scientist, Malcolm Prince. The only weak element in Clay’s strategy to accomplish his mission is Laura Prince, the beautiful wife of the scientist, who Clay has to seduce in order to obtain the formula.

But the CIA, the Denmark Intelligence, the Australian Intelligence and many other very determined individuals are also after that formula, and can’t wait to get their hands on it. The competition is fierce, but who’s going to win?

The story develops as a travel through the world; with the action starting in London, then moving onto Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Australia.

Clay appears to be the right man for the job; extremely handsome and a natural charmer, nothing could be easier for him than seducing a beautiful woman in order to obtain a top secret.

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About the book:
The Mind of a Genius by David Snowdon
ISBN: 978-0-9552650-1-3
Publisher: Pentergen Books
Pages: 288
S.R.P £6.99/ $13.56

Available from Waterstone’s, Blackwells, and from the author at his website

About David Snowdon -
British thriller writer, David Snowdon was born in London, and lives in London. He started writing in 1983, and wrote his first book, which hasn’t been published in 1984. His first published work, Too Young To die, was published in August 2006. And his second novel, The Mind of a Genius, was published in November 2007.

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The Mind of a Genius is a competition to see who can get the formula that will change the world and there is a lot of competition. Also at stake is $$money, national pride, agency rivalry, "the girl", and freedom. Who will be the winners? Who will be the losers? And who will be the also-rans? You have to read to find out.

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I've had my calendar marked and been looking forward to your day on the blog tour. I was not disappointed. Now I'm intrigued with this title. I'd better get busy with the books I already have out so I can read this one. Thanks for another great review!

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