Sunday, December 7, 2008

On Participating In A Virtual Book Tour...

The virtual book tour for Blood Island / H. Terrell Griffin has been completed. This was a new experience for me. I enjoyed being a part of it - especially since my part included reading the book and doing a review on it. But my participation did not end there.

I also visited the other sites included in the tour. I got to read other reviews of the book and see how their styles differed from mine. I also got to read the interviews of the author on the tour - each having their own technique. It is interesting to be able to get some answers from the authors to learn more about them and the books they write. Finally I got to read each of the guest posts by the author himself. I think the tour was a success in introducing the book and the author to other bloggers. I know I would be very interested in reading other books by the author myself.

So thanks for letting me participate. If you enjoyed the virtual book tour, you may want to check out this blog - Mystery Book News at . They had a lot to do with the tour and they have a lot of other interesting features as well.

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JenningsJunk said...

I'm am so glad you did this follow up. I was wondering how the total experience/package was. I know I enjoyed the Virtual Tour. I'm looking forward to others.