Monday, December 29, 2008

More Reading

Christmas ... and now I have more to read. I've read some of the authors and now I have more: Last Rights by Philip Shelby; After Dark by Phillip Margolin; Murder Most Maine by Karen MacInerney. Where do I start? Just add them to my list. Yes (to JenningsJunk) ... I have a list too!!! To all the readers of my blog (sounds a little like a song) ... hope your Christmas was good to you. See you next year!!!!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to you reading thru your list so I'll have a better idea what to add to my list...keep on reading and keep on writing those insightful and informative reviews!!!

Meadowview Thymes said...

You got Murder Most Maine! I have it, but have been so busy have not started it. I think it will be a good book for cold winter nights!

Richard Goutal said...

Thanks for the reminder about Margolin - Have not visited him in a while - but I checked an old list of books I have read and found this:
78Heartstone+; 81TheLast Innocent Man++; 93 Gone But Not Forgotten++; Wild Justice+; 95After Dark++; 96BurningMan++; 98Undertakers Widow+; 01The Associate+; 03Ties that Bind++
My rating scheme:
++ Tops
+ Good Book (like a solid B)
OK a "C"
Anyway, I gave his books a lot of really high grades.