Friday, June 27, 2008

Introducing J. P. Beaumont ...

J.P. Beaumont is not new – he has been around for a while. But I enjoy reading series from the beginning so I am starting off with the first book of the J.P. Beaumont series written by J.A. Jance. It is called “Until Proven Guilty”. Beaumont (or Beau as he prefers) is a police detective in Seattle.

Now I have to admit I have already been introduced to Beau. J.A. Jance writes another series that I read. It is the Sheriff Joanna Brady series. I have read that series from the beginning. In one of the latter books, Beau and Joanna Brady join together to solve a mystery. This is how I was introduced to Beau. I decided then I wanted to read this series as well and am finally starting on the series.

Incidentally, there is a new book in the Joanna Brady series coming out soon so I am looking forward to getting it. And I just read on J.A. Jance’s blog about the latest book in the J.P. Beaumont series being available. I looked and discovered I have (but have not read) the last two books of the Joanna Brady series. What happened? Why have I not read these yet? I am not sure but “there are so many books and so little time to read them.”

Now back to the current book. As I read it I started remembering bits and pieces of the information from the other book I read. As Beau says, there are some cases you do not forget and this is one he does not forget. It starts with the murder of a kid whose mother belongs to a cult. The suspects change through out the book – including the mother and the leader of the cult. Another of the suspects is the kid’s father who shows up after the burial of the kid. Shortly afterwards, the leader of the cult and the mother of the kid are murdered. Beau finds it hard to believe the father is responsible although proving this will be hard.

A mysterious and beautiful woman also showed up at the funeral for the kid. This woman becomes another reason this case is one he does not forget. She tells him she is writing a book about children who were murdered. She says her motivation was her sister’s death and funeral – she was not allowed to attend it.

Beau and this woman get involved and within a matter of days he becomes engaged with her. Despite the fact he knows little about her he will marry her within a week. On the day of his wedding he learns of the death of another man, another suspect in the murder of the kid. He also learns his “new” wife knew about this “suspect” the day before. He also discovers his gun is missing and will discover his gun is responsible for the murders of the wife, the cult leader, and this guy as well. He sets out to find her and she shoots him but he survives, pursues her and shoots her as she prepares to shoots him again. He realizes she forced his hand as he remebers her asking if he would ever shoot anybody again if he was put into that situation.

This is a case he will in no way forget. There is so much to this story I am leaving out because I think it is worth reading. I am looking forward to continuing this series by J.A. Jance.

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JenningsJunk said...

wow - sounds like a book with never a dull the "wanna" read list this one goes :-)