Thursday, September 8, 2011

Returning to Sherlock Holmes

You may have heard it before but I became interested in mysteries when I was an early teen and reading Sherlock Holmes was one of the reasons for this. 

I decided to go back to read some Sherlock Holmes stories and I am reminded why I was so interested in these stories.  You see - I was astonished like Dr Watson by the conclusions Sherlock Holmes could make based on his observation skills. 

He also fascinated me by some of the things he said.  In A Study in Scarlet for example, how he describes a man's brain being like an attic.  It is a practical description about how a smart person only puts useful stuff in his brain rather than filling it with a lot of worthless stuff.  It is a very good explanation.  Funny how we not only put useless stuff in our heads but we also a lots of times keep useless stuff in our attics (or garages, or closets) as well!! 

So going back and rereading Sherlock Holmes is really been a good experience for me.  Are there things you have read years ago and taken the time to go back and reread them later?


JenningsJunk said...

For me it's Agatha Christie. There are only a couple that I can actually remember "who done it". So, it's almost like a new mystery every's not to say my attic isn't clutter, it's just too cluttered to hold onto the murder :-)

J.P. Hansen said...

I usually don't like going back to mysteries. Don't know why. Classic literary books, like Ellison's INVISIBLE MAN or MOBY DICK, I could read a thousand times. Maybe it's because, for me, so-called literary fiction, at its best, usually allows for a wider variety of readings. Hence, returning to them can be more fruitful.