Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pig Is Pigs

OK!!!! I read this strictly for the fun of it. It is NOT a mystery but it was recommended by one of the friendly cashiers at my "local" Firewheel Barnes and Noble. This is a short story I was able to download to my NOOK ant the title is .... Pigs Is Pigs - just like the title of this blog. I know - the title of my blog is unoriginal but it is catchy. It was written by Ellis Parker Butler.

Let me setup the story ... it is hilarious. A man had two guinea pigs shipped in as pets for his son. When he goes to pick them up from the stationmaster, there is a disagreement over the cost of shipping. The man only wants to pay 25 cents apiece - the price for pets. The stationmaster however disagrees and insists on charging the livestock rate - 30 cents apiece because ... "pigs is pigs".

This is good for a laugh and you would be surprised to see what happens. Check it out if you get a chance!!!

Incidentally, Wikipedia says,"The concept obviously had some currency because it also shows up in the famous Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles".

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JenningsJunk said...

Gotta admit, not surprised by the pigs but never would have thought I'd see a Star Trek reference too :-) Let alone, one of my all time favorite episodes.