Sunday, February 6, 2011


If you recall, I recently discovered I could check out eBooks from my library and get them downloaded to my NOOK. SEE

This presents a question - what happens when my checkout period expires? Well ... the checkout period occurred for the book I checked out. Here is the message I got when I tried to open it- The lending period for this eBook has expired. Earlier, I asked the "friendly" nook expert about how to remove stuff from my nook and he explained it had to be done from the computer (in my case a laptop) in order to prevent accidental removal.

So here is what I did in order to remove the book from my "NOOK".

1 - Connected my NOOK to my laptop.

2 - Went to Internet Explorer, found my nook drive, and opened it up.

3 - clicked on the Digital Editions file folder and displayed it's contents.

4 - Right clicked on the book I wanted to delete and selected the Delete option.

5 - Bingo!!!! It was done.

6 - NOW I just want to make sure I properly disconnect my NOOK from my laptop by first closing Windows Explorer so it is still not using my NOOK. Then I go down and left click to safely remove hardware from my laptop. When it tells me it is safe to remove the device from my computer, I disconnect it from my computer.

BUT WAIT!!! I go to My Documents and it is still listed. I'm a little confused. Then I think to myself, maybe I need to turn off the NOOK and turn it back on??? So I do and 'Viola' - the book is gone. "HooRah!!!"

Incidentally (and in case you are interested), here is a link / help about ADOBE Digital Editions Help.

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JenningsJunk said...

Great practical info...I'm so frustrated my "nook" fund is growing any I can indulge in one :-)