Monday, December 13, 2010

From my Daughter's Collection - ILL WIND

It is nice sharing an interest in an author with my daughter. She likes Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon series and so do I. I wanted something else to read so I just asked her about a book she just read - Ill Wind. She let me read it.

This was one of the earlier books in the series. This one occurs in the Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. It is an interesting place where there are ruins from an ancient civilization that disappeared. Where they went is an unanswered question with a lot of speculation. Archaeologists and tourists alike come to visit the park and it's ruins.

Because of the disappearance of this mysterious civilization, construction and excavation is restricted - to preserve the site. In addition there is a lot of lore about the missing civilization and the occasional appearance of spirits in this place.

An unexplained death of a teenage tourist followed by the death of a temporary park employee lead to an investigation by Anna Pigeon and an FBI acquaintance. Could these two deaths be related? Some other unexplained incidents suggests these acts may be the result of spirits trying to discourage continued development in the park. Anna and the FBI acquaintance have to consider other non-spirit suspects and possible motives as well.

Of course I loved the mystery but I also like the way the author describes the park - it's physical description as well as it's operations. In addition she introduced some intersting characters as part of the story. Some in fact continue playing a part in the series and Anna's further adventures. I look forward to checking more out from my daughter's collection. I have not been disappointed yet!!!

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JenningsJunk said...

I really enjoy this series too!! It's kinda my "go to" when I'm not ready for any of the titles in my stack :-)