Saturday, July 25, 2009

INVASION - Another Original Story by Misterreereeder

Invasion!!! She did not know what hit her. It came so unexpectedly.

The day before had been a beautiful day. It may have been a little hot but otherwise the weather was nice. She sat in her backyard and enjoyed looking around. There was the deck and the pool. On the deck were some of the containers with the plants she was growing. There were other things she enjoyed in the back as well - the grill and the patio set. She'd also hung some hanging baskets with flowers and a hummingbird feeder. She was looking forward to see some visitors taking a sip from the feeder. Her back yard was her oasis.

She came back out the next evening to discover her little paradise had been invaded. The invaders were hidden at first - wearing their camouflage of green. But she noticed the destruction they had caused. It was very disturbing what they had done. One of her pots had been flourishing with a pepper plant but now it had literally been stripped of a lot of the leaves and branches.

Then she saw the invaders. There were three of them. They were big and ugly. It was then when she became enraged and turned to defend her oasis. She grabbed the nearest tool she could find to use as a weapon. It was a pruning shear. She used it to grab the invaders and remove them from her plant. When she finished with them there were several pieces of them still writhing about - on the verge of death.

Then she noticed another group of five starting to work on her tomato plant. There was no way she was going to let them do the job on this plant their friends had done to her pepper plant. With renewed determination, she went on the offensive against them. It wasn't until she had removed the last fat worm that she was satisfied. They may have started it - but she took the battle back to them and won. This time she had succeeded in defending her front. Now she is on the alert to fend off any future attacks.

!!! Inspired by my wife !!!


Anonymous said...

I like it! I'm thinking there's an an episode of "Twilight Zone" to be written based on this one!

JenningsJunk said...

Great story! Sorry to hear about your seige glad y'all were able to eliminate some of the invaders. My son daily checks over all his plants hoping to hold off just such an invasion.

Meadowview Thymes said...

Invaders! Just hate them...I could come up with a few ways to rid the garden of them myself!
Good story mr!!

misterreereeder said...

I know there is not a whole lot to the story but it was fun writing it. THANKS for your comments!!