Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Texas Series

I found a new Texas author. Well … not really a new Texas author but another Texas author. Actually, I was introduced to this author by my favorite Library Director at Sachse Library – Dolores. She knew I liked to read mysteries and she knew I like to read Texas mysteries by Texas authors. The name of the book is The Christmas Cookie Killer and it was written by L.J. Washburn. This is the third book in the Fresh-Baked Mystery series. I usually do not like to start in the middle of a series but I went ahead and did so in this case. Looks like I will be going back to read the other two books in this series as well.

I mentioned this was a Texas mystery. It takes place in Weatherford, Texas and the sleuth is a retired teacher called Phyllis Newsom. It is right before Christmas and Phyllis is having one of her annual get-together - the annual Christmas cookie exchange. Every thing is going fine. One of the neighbors could not come because of some physical problems so Phyllis decides to bring a plate of cookies over. After visiting a little she returns home to get some cookie cutters for her neighbor but gets delayed a little with her party and finding the cookie cutters. When she returns to her neighbor's house, she quickly discovers something is wrong. Her neighbor is lying on the floor with a belt around her neck. She starts looking for something to cut the belt off her neck and gets clobbered over the head by somebody unknown. Talk about a way to start the holidays!!! And this happens in just the first chapter!!!
Phyllis is warned to let the police handle the investigation but she can not help but get involved herself. The police quickly come up with a possible suspect but things do not add up for Phyllis. There seems to be so many other possible suspects to look at.
If there is one thing I have discovered it is this - a good book is not only good because of the author who wrote it. It is also good for the reader who brings their own understanding into the story. That is why I am not giving away any more of this story. There are things that have to be seen by the reader which may experiences differently than I did. YOU MUST READ IT FOR YOURSELF - you will love it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I look forward to checking this series out. YEAH for Library Director Dolores!! I'm halfway thru another one of your book reviews - Don of the Dead-it's a fun one. Then, I have another at top of my list (The Truth Lies in the Dary-another of your reviews). So,by April/May I should be ready for a good dose or 3 of Texas mystery :-)

misterreereeder said...

By the way, One thing I forgot to mention in my post was about the recipes at the end of the book. This seems to be one of those special things added for this mystery series.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I am looking for this one and the others asap. Sounds like something I would love, and so would Mother. Thank you, thank you for this recommendation mr!!