Sunday, February 22, 2009

FOLLOWUP-VBT-Fatal February

As you know, I like to do a followup when I participate in a virtual book tour. For me, this VBT for Barbara Levenson and her first book Fatal February has been fun. The other stops on the VBT have been great in introducing the author, her book, and letting her speak. I had read about her website and went to check it out.

I discovered a link to another blog called Dallas Book Diva where there was an entry for the author and her book at At the end of the entry there was a link to "hear the interview". I clicked on it and listened to an interview between Cheryl Nason and Barbara Levenson. It was really great. Check it out at the link above!!! (I probably could have added a link to the interview in this blog but was not certain if that would have been legal or ethical).

Incidentally, I want to thank Lance at Mystery Book News for including me in this VBT.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you do the follow ups...I distract/side track easily, so sometimes I start off and end up somewhere else. Your follow ups help me get back on track! so I don't miss anything :-)