Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Murder From The Past

"Murder Past Due" is the third book in this series by D.R.Meredith. The mystery reading group (with Megan Clark leading the way) has taken on another project. They want to build up the group and help increase business for the book store owner. To do this they have decided to recreate some of the murders in Amarillo’s history and have a tour of where these occurred. One man has joined the group and wants to use the group’s success in solving murders. His grandson’s wife was murdered 20 years ago. A year later, his grandson suspiciously committed suicide. The murder was never solved and there was some feeling the grandson may have committed the murder but there was no apparent motive.

The family is an upper class family and the murder occurred on the grounds owned by the grandfather. Knowing a little about the circumstances, Megan suspects a member of the family is responsible. In order to solve this 20 year old case, she must gather as much information from this guarded family that she can pry from them. She questions each one in a group and then proceeds to question them individually.

When an attempt is made on her life, she knows she is getting somewhere. She has not put the information together yet but the killer knows it is a matter of time. In order to uncover the mystery, Megan along with members of the mystery reading group and the Gorman family reenact the fateful night when the lady was murdered. Megan has the part of the lady who was murdered and will be the target for another murder. Just as she suspects, the murderer comes after her. She tells him (yes it was a man) why she knew he was the one. Luckily she had a couple of persons waiting to protect her. But the murderer does not get captured but dies on the scene as an apparent hemorrhage in the brain.

Later she tells the group how she figured out who the murderer was. There was an aspect of each of the murders they reenacted that applied to this mystery as well.

I enjoyed this book as much as the other two in the series. The thing unique about this one was the write up about the four other murders they reenacted. By the way, the other four murders were real cases.

The other things I enjoyed about this book were the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. These were quotes from characters / actors in various mystery movies.

I give this a thumb up.


JenningsJunk said...

Thanks for this review. I love the idea of recreating historical murders from the area. Ok, I know this is fiction, but weaving the story into the "everyday" of the city makes it seem like it's more real.

Luckily, I'm almost finished with my current book, "Pushing Up Bluebonnets", that I'm enjoying thanks to this blog and your review. Looks like I'm bumping "A Murder From The Past" to the top of "gonna read list". It's fate, a long weekend is just around the corner :-)

JenningsJunk said...

Finished this one this weekend and it was everything you reviewed and everything I hoped for!