Monday, November 26, 2007

First-Hand View of Sheriff Joanna Brady

Partner in Crime is the latest book I have read in the Sheriff Joanna Brady series by J.A. Jance. This book brings another character from another of Jance's series into it - J.P. Beaumont. I have not read books in the other series yet but I probably will now.

It is interesting how Jance uses Beau (one way he prefers to be called) in this book. We get a view of Joanna Brady from Beau in a first-hand account. In other words, we hear what Beau thinks about Joanna. He visualizes the way Joanna looks in her uniform. He also compares her to one of his teachers.

At first he sees her as a woman trying to keep him from doing his job. Later in the book, his view of her changes. He begins to see the way Joanna does her job professionally as well as intelligently. Joanna also realizes how good J.P. (another way he prefers to be referred to) is.

I have not really discussed the story in this book and there was a part I was uncomfortable with at first. Close to the end Joanna and Beau embrace (and kiss) with some passion. They realize this should be a one time thing and move on from there. Joanna thinks how important Butch - her new husband - is to her. Beau doesn't want to be the cause of turmoil in Joanna's life. This brief "affair" points out how "human"/"real" the characters are. And the way they move on from this incident, we see they have "real" character.

I imagine I will go back to the beginning and read the J.P. Beaumont series now that I have been introduced to him. I wonder??? Could this be the reason these two characters were put together in this book - to get crossover readers?? Smart move!!!

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